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  • We are Diesel Dawgs Performance. We are your number one source for Diesel performance upgrades to put the Growl in your Duramax, the Snarl in your Power Stroke, and the Vicious Bite in you Cummins powered Ram! We only supply the best Diesel Performance Parts in the industry of diesel performance enhancing upgrades. We help you to create a fuel efficient Power dominating Diesel Dawg truck that you will need to put a chain on!


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    We strive to find only quality, and in most cases American made diesel performance parts. We believe in fair competitive pricing and respect to the manufacturers products. We believe in our customers and do our best to deliver their purchases on time. If you don't see what you need contact us! If we absolutely don't carry it, we will send you to one of our competitors that has it. Nobody can beat our service!

    We deliver total diesel performance value, for that true performance diesel. We will give you that throughbred diesel edge for fuel economy or equip you to build that big bad diesel of your dreams! We will help you build an extreme diesel dawg that will chomp any alligator!


Our Large Inventory of Diesel Performance Products

Diesel Dawgs Large Stock of High Performance Diesel Products When you're looking for Power and Performance out of your Cummins, Power Stroke or Duramax. Look no further than Diesel Dawgs Performance, your source for direct dealer products at competitive discount pricing. If we don't have it listed on our website contact diesel dawgs @ (828)631-1546 or


Diesel Dawgs Performance have been Diesel Parts Specialists since 2005. We are committed to quality and excellence in serving your needs for your Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins and Chevy/GM Duramax Diesel powered trucks. We want you to have only the best, so we have connected and linked with the best well known, reputable diesel performance manufacturers from all over our great nation. We will continue to keep on top of their products and search out new manufacturers with the same commitment to excellence! We are true diesel performance parts specialists!

Enhancing a three quarter ton, or full ton pickup truck has always been the American way. If youʼre for all out racing and pulling competition power we are here, and we will serve you with your diesel performance parts on time for your next diesel event.

If youʼre building your truck for towing or just after fuel economy with a little extra power, we are ready to serve you with any diesel performance products that you need!

Donʼt hesitate to contact Diesel Dawgs and ask us any question that you may have. Weʼre here to optimize your total diesel performance experience. We want to be number one in diesel performance, sales and services!




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