About Us

Diesel Dawgs Performance is a member of Sema

The Diesel Dawgs Story

Luke Buchanan became a diesel owner after purchasing a 2003 Duramax LB7. He has since moved on from the GM products to Ford Power Strokes and eventually settled on a 2001 Cummins powered Ram. The Ram was the truck that taught him the most, it even inspired the development of the Diesel Dawg line of Big Dawg Injectors. However, Diesel Dawgs didn’t start out as a diesel performance parts supplier. It was actually a diesel enthusiast club.

Mr. Buchanan learned a great deal with the club, which helped him get the right connections in the diesel performance realm. The club became inactive, and Luke, along with some of the members, started joining and supporting most of the online diesel forums. In 2005 Luke thought it would be great to utilize his connections and supply his friends with quality diesel performance parts. This made him the specialist in the diesel performance parts industry, and thus DieselDawgs.com was born. After sometime DieselDawgsPerformance.com was also added to the url line up.

Diesel Dawgs is a national supplier of diesel performance parts, and a member of Sema. We will put the Growl in your Duramax, the Snarl in your PowerStroke, and put the Vicious Bite in your Cummins! We are the authority of diesel performance!

Phone: 828-399-1556